Testimonials by Our Valued Clients


 "We planned on selling at some point. We dreaded the arduous grind of the public auction. But then Arena showed up with a buyer and we sold our company to her client. We are grateful that her tenacity and persistence led us to our successor. We retired comfortably and have peace of mind that our employees are now in good hands."

"I bought the second company Arena showed me. It was a local manufacturing company being put up for sale by a law firm. Arena listened to my buying criteria and wish list. She knew the seller’s company she introduced me to checked many of my boxes! We made the acquisition and I am growing and thriving. I am so glad I met Jill and worked with her on my search to acquire a company. She is a trusted professional."

"I hired Arena and we searched for a company for my holding company to acquire for more than a year. Jill showed me 25 various-sized companies in three industries. She was patient and thorough. Ultimately I bought a company that will serve as a platform in the food manufacturing industry. She is now helping me acquire my second company. I am very glad I hired her."

"Arena introduced me to a buyer in my industry that was not familiar with my exact vertical concentration in the staffing world. That buyer was not a fit and the deal fell through. Months later Arena found a Private Equity Group looking to acquire a platform add-on with expertise we had. The deal was done six months later. Arena’s networking and database of Buyers and Sellers in the Staffing industry served us well. She was easy to work with and a true professional."

"I separated from my partners in the steel industry and set out to acquire a company of my own. I met Arena through my lawyer and she helped me find a company to acquire. We looked for 6 months and I acquired the third company she introduced me to."

"I worked for my family business for 20+ years. It was time for me to strike out on my own and a banking contact introduced me to Jill Arena. Arena showed me several companies (none of which were formally on the market) and within a year I acquired one."

"My brother and I wanted to retire. Arena called us to say she had a buyer interested in acquiring a company in our industry. The match was all wrong on that first introduction but the second Buyer Arena introduced us to was a perfect fit. We are retired and pleased with the outcome."

"Arena Enterprises has been very effective in translating our prospect lists into viable candidates for our services; making the initial contact and connection that allows us to connect with senior executives and business owners. As an Investment Bank with no marketing or sales arm, her search services have proven to be invaluable!" - Financial Consulting and Advisory Firm

"As an Investment Bank offering mainly sell-side services, Arena’s buy-side advisory services helped round out our offerings and increase topline revenue. Together we executed 11 acquisition searches and completed nearly $1Million in fees."

“Arena Enterprises has made a tangible difference to our stream of business. We publish a magazine, which has done very well in Canada, and we are opening the first US market in Cleveland. Once in front of a customer the magazine makes an incredible impression, but we couldn't get in front of enough customers. Arena Enterprises set appointments with decision makers and forged new connections. Their services allowed our sales force to spend less time on the phones and more time in front of potential customers!”

“I have had the opportunity to know Jill Arena, President of Arena Enterprises since 1994. Jill has always had tremendous ability to impact people via the phone, and for many years ran highly successful sales teams for network/IT, and office automation companies. It is very exciting that Jill was able to take her success and experience to a new level in the creation of Arena Enterprises.”

“Arena Enterprises has been and continues to play a big role in our company’s success. We utilize the work of Arena Enterprises in a number of ways, from new appointment generation, to obtaining prospect data, to launching new initiatives. Our largest account was obtained via an appointment generated by Arena Enterprises, and we have greatly grown our prospect base through their results.”

"Arena Enterprises has been very effective in translating our prospect lists in to viable candidates for our banking services; making the initial contact and connection that allows us to connect with senior executives and business owners."